Knowledgeable Care & Friendly Service from Oral Arts Denturists

At Oral Arts Denturist Center - Division of Oral Arts, we pride ourselves on the helpfulness of the staff members at both of our outlets, each of whom is:


• Reliable

• Creative

• Honest

• Very Competitive

• Hard Working

67 Years of Continuous Service

We go above and beyond the normal expectations for all of our clients, from the knowledge we show in your product selection to the quality of the materials we use in fitting your teeth.

Quality Denture Service

All our treatment is completed with the highest quality teeth from the US and Europe. (No teeth are manufactured in Canada). No patient should need to travel to New York, Anaheim, or Zurich to receive high quality teeth. They are available at Oral Tru. Our 5-year warranty on any breakage or adjustment covers follow-up service.

Careful Scrutiny for Superior Fit and Durability

We follow meticulous procedures in selecting your teeth, always looking for a natural setting of teeth to best accommodate your natural aesthetics.

Contact us to discuss your denture needs, and we will be glad to put our knowledge and experience to work for you!

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